The Label 3 Story

After a 22-year career in the advertising industry, I made the bold decision to pursue my long-held dream of owning a boutique. In September 2020, I launched my online store, and as I stand here almost two years later with a physical storefront, I can confidently say that it was the right choice. The name of my boutique holds deep personal significance; it combines my initials and pays tribute to my three beloved children.

Originally, I envisioned stocking my boutique with only black, white, and the hottest seasonal colors. However, I soon realized the challenges of maintaining such a narrow inventory. Instead, I opted to remain true to my personal style while also considering the valuable input of my daughter, Dakota.

Our boutique specializes in clothing that strikes a balance between classic and cutting-edge fashion. We're passionate about offering clothing that not only keeps you in vogue but also ensures your comfort. To maintain your uniqueness, we source only one of each style, so you won't spot duplicates of your outfit everywhere you go. We take pride in curating items that can't be easily found in mainstream malls, empowering you to express your individuality. Additionally, we feature several small business vendors who offer handcrafted products exclusively available in our store within the region.

Our commitment to staying ahead in the fashion world drives us to continually seek out new and distinctive vendors, offering a blend of trendy yet timeless pieces. Personally, my favorite aspect of this business is helping you find your style. Whether it's assembling a weekend wardrobe or an entirely new look, I relish the opportunity to understand your unique style preferences. One invaluable lesson I've learned from our diverse clientele is that style, size, and taste vary greatly among individuals, and that's what makes it all so beautiful. I love eavesdropping on customers engaged in lively discussions as they explore our store – sharing their likes, dislikes, and stories of outfits that have been part of their journey over the years.

One challenge we've occasionally encountered is the misconception that our boutique caters exclusively to younger customers. Let me dispel that myth. We have delighted customers of all ages, including my 84-year-old mom who's a regular shopper here. We genuinely offer something for everyone, ranging from fashion choices to handmade purses, earrings, and beautifully crafted candles. Just a few weeks ago, I had a customer with similar concerns, but after a thoughtful conversation, she left the store with a stylish wardrobe for her upcoming two-week vacation.

If you're seeking a personalized styling experience, please don't hesitate to reach out to us for an appointment. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to assist you with your fashion needs. Let's connect soon and explore fashion beyond the ordinary – and rest assured, we'll package it in a charming bag just for you.

I extend my heartfelt thanks for choosing to follow Label 3 Boutique. Your support means the world to us!